Music Lesson

When? From May 22nd to June 16th, from Tuesday to Friday, between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
Where? At the Braunstein Palace in Iași (2 Cuza Vodă Street)
Capacity: 15-35 people
Tickets: The ticket price is 15 lei, and group chaperones have free access.

What does the tour for students involve?

The tour for children lasts approximately one hour and includes:
  • A guided tour of the exhibition, with interesting information presented about jazz and music in general
  • Free time to explore and test instruments and equipment.
  • A “First Lesson” on piano, drums, and guitar, using smart applications.
  • A 15-minute live mini-concert.

Who can participate?

Students of all ages are welcome to attend.

How can you participate?


Write us at
and book a tour.