Cookie Policy



1.1 This policy applies to the cookies used on the website owned by Asociația Fapte / Fapte Association (CUI 31425230).


2.1 The website uses cookies to offer the user an intuitive and interactive online experience adapted to their needs and requirements.

2.2 Cookies are bits of text placed on the device used to access the website This automatic data storage technology is widespread and is used to collect information such as the browser type and the operating system, the page source, the name of the domain from which the visitor connected to the website etc., in order to help us understand how visitors use this web page. Cookies help us to adapt the contents of our website to the needs of the users and to keep the website functional.

2.3 A cookie does not contain and is not made up of any fragments of code. Cookies cannot be replicated or duplicated and cannot make any changes to the device on which they are stored, which is why they pose no threat to the security of the information stored on the user’s device.


3.1 Most web browsers, smartphones and other devices suited for internet browsing are normally set to accept cookies.

3.2 The cookies used by the website do not request any personal information, nor do they personally identify internet users. The data collected through cookies is purely statistical and objective in nature, serving to improve the browsing experience of the users of our website.

3.3 Users have several options to manage the cookies stored on the device from which they access a website. They can change their browser settings to prevent it from accepting cookies or, depending on the browser used, they may receive a warning if a website is trying to place a cookie on their device.

3.4 You can find more information on how to manage the cookie moduls on the website


4.1 The website uses the following types of cookies:

  1. Cookies to ensure the running of the website in multiple languages (multi-language) which remember the last language accessed by the user;
  2. Google Analytics cookies that allow the Fapte Association to store statistics on the usage of the website by the users.

5.1 In order for the website to operate at full capacity, the use/storage of the cookies of this website must be allowed. Certain features of the website will not work if cookies are rejected.

5.2 We reserve the right to make any additions or changes to this section. Therefore, we recommend that users/visitors check the contents of this page regularly to learn about the updated version of this policy.

5.3 Furthermore, we inform our users that, every time we amend this section, we will add the date of the last update in the header/footer of the page.

Last updated on Feb. 27th, 2023.