The access schedule and the program for special events or program changes are public and communicated through Music Gallery channels.

The capacity of the exhibition space is limited (maximum 40 people). Our staff is entitled to deny access to participants during operating hours when maximum capacity is reached, to individuals under the influence of alcohol, or for any reason that the event staff deems objective.

It is mandatory to follow the staff’s instructions for access and to follow the exhibition tour route. The staff is authorized to request compliance with the provisions of this Regulation. If necessary, the staff has the authority to escort you outside the exhibition premises.

General access rules:

Entry to the exhibition is only allowed through specially designated areas.

Upon entering the exhibition premises, the participant acknowledges this Regulation, displayed in a visible location.

Participants are not allowed to engage in activities that could endanger or in any way affect the safety or rights of other participants.

The organizer does not assume responsibility for any damages (material or physical) caused by non-compliance with the Regulation and may seek compensation from those responsible for its violation.

Participants are required to refrain from damaging the exhibited objects, props, or existing infrastructure within the exhibition.

Please be informed that the destruction or degradation of cultural goods constitutes an offense, punishable under the applicable legislation.

Access with animals inside the exhibition premises is prohibited, except for guide dogs specially trained to assist people with disabilities. Smoking, consuming food or beverages in the exhibition spaces is prohibited.

Running on stairs and in exhibition spaces is prohibited. Blocking access paths in any way is prohibited. Leaving children unsupervised or allowing them to behave improperly is prohibited.

We do not assume responsibility for unsupervised personal belongings.

Inside the exhibition premises, the Organizer, the Organizer’s partners, or accredited press have the right to create photo-video materials. Participants acknowledge that they may appear in such materials without making claims regarding the rights to these materials. The Organizer has the right to use these materials, publish them on various channels, and use them in advertising campaigns without compensating the participant in any way.

Participants have the right to film and photograph the areas they have access to, but they will use these materials exclusively for their own viewing.

All exhibits are intended for use within the exhibition space. They cannot be removed from the exhibition space unless they have been specifically marked as informative materials intended for dissemination to the visiting public.

Fire protection measures and other safety measures:

Inside the exhibition, there are marked alarm buttons that trigger the fire alarm, as well as evacuation plans.

The alarm signal means you must evacuate the exhibition and immediately exit through the nearest fire exit. Using the electrical network of the exhibition space is prohibited.

Taking any component of the exhibition installations out of the socket is prohibited.

Do not touch the power cables or other electrical components powered from the power source. Do not lean on installations / exhibits.