The concept of listening bar comes, like many other beautiful things, from Japan in the ‘50s. In those times, the vinyl discs were not only expensive, but also rare, and in these bars, the music aficionados could have a moment of respite, with a good quality background sound, without spending that much.

The idea behind is simple: we talk less, we listen more. The sound becomes the main priority, and not the decor of the bar or what’s on the menu. The acoustic is created in such a way, that your sole focus is enjoying and appreciating the MUSIC. Not only is vinyl the most used support, but the sound system is also optimised so you can hear details that otherwise can’t be perceived in a regular bar.

In time, the listening bars became a heaven for audiophiles and are very popular around the world. They have adapted to various cultures, from the quiet listeners in Japan, to the noisier customers in Spain.